11 Dec 2013

50 days to go - TO DO list update!

House stuff:
* We still need to find some nice paint and/or wallpaper for our living room.
* Finish polyvalent room downstairs. This is our office, library and our music room and will also probably be the room where we'll hide all the babytoys and stuff.
- finish walls
- paint ceiling - somewhere this week maybe?
* Buy bookcases for all our books, DVD's, CD's, ... - when the painting/wallpaper is done.
* Once these things are done we can move everything that's in stock in our basement and the bedrooms (and my in-law's house, whoops) to its permanent place.
* Paint the nursery
* Paint our own bedroom where baby girl will be sleeping for the first 6 months of her life - Maybe this week!!! We've already finished so much in our bedroom this past week an it is such a blessing to see the progress...
* Finish the entry hall. We're not sure what to do with the walls here, either... I think they'll need a lotttt of love before they look nice.
* Get rid of all the stuff we don't need anymore from our last renovations. Seriously, we have so much stuff just laying around... We'll have to find some time to throw everything away! - In progress...

Baby Stuff
* Buy bassinet/babybed - Maybe this weekend?!
* Buy dresser for our bedroom and for the nursery -Maybe this weekend?!
* Find/make a cute baby announcement - We've got a draft for this one but Jeff is working on another idea.
* Find something to give to the guests that come visit our girl (in Belgium we usually give chocolate/candy) - I've bought most of the supplies and I'll probably work more on this in the days between Christmas and New Year's!
* Buy more clothes - check! But she'll always need more clothes haha! / Ask SIL for my nieces' baby clothes.- She's going to go through the clothes right before or after Christmas.
* Buy 5 more cloth diapers in cute girly prints (let's put some fun things on here too, shall we??)
* Decide on a name

Me Stuff
* Finish my masterthesis - woops...
* Take some pregnancy classes - This one is only the last 4 weeks of pregnancy, apparently...
* Think about what kind of birth I want to have and make a birthplan with a midwife 
* Decorate for Christmas! Jeeej, so happy I can put this on my list this year
* Pregnancy shoot in December! Joke did such an amazing job on our pictures! Can't wait to show them off on this blog :-)
* Get a final haircut before I become a mommy.

I feel like we didn't get a lot accomplished in the past two months but this month will be SO hectic and a lot will be going on at once. I'm so excited to get this list completed because I feel like baby girl could come any moment now. We still have about 8 weeks to go, but still... You never know!


sofieV said...

Foto's van jullie huisje!!!!! :)

Tulips said...

Allez, update!

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