10 Dec 2013

Pregnancy update - 31 & 32 weeks

 32 weeks - photoshoot with the wonderful Joke!

32 weeks
How am I feeling?
Still mostly hormonal. I'm starting to shut other people out of my life so I can focus on the upcoming birth. I think I just don't have much energy left for high-maintenance people. It's not that I don't like them but I can't be bothered to be careful with their sensitivities, which is something I'm usually pretty good at. Ah, well...

I just need LOTS and lots of it! I could sleep in until noon, everyday...

I wish I had some cravings but I don't. It's hard to think of what we're going to have for dinner because I'm just not interested in food. Well, no, that's not true - I can eat all day long but there's nothing that tickles my fancy. Not even chocolate, imagine that!

Weight gain? 
12 kg

How big is baby? 
45-46 cm! My OB/GYN sais she's got herself some long legs...
She weighs just a little over 2kg so I'm sure she's not going to be a monster baby ;-)

Lots of kicks but I can feel that she's getting less room in there.

Fun moments of the week?
It's not really "fun" but I woke up with some really painful contractions one night. They lasted for about half an hour and then it was gone. My doctor checked and everything is still looking like it should, so I'm not too worried. Just some practice for the real deal, apparently!

 31 weeks
How am I feeling?
Hormonal would be the best way to describe me at this point in pregnancy. I can start to cry over everything! It's not helping that I only have 9 weeks to get everything done for baby girl to arrive... If she doesn't decide to come early, that is!
Acidic reflux is also killing me at night. I'll be heading to my doctor tomorrow to get some help with this because it's really, really painful!
Oh and clumsiness... I bump into things and I've even managed to fall when I tried to get back up from putting something at the bottom of the fridge. Nothing too serious but it's getting a bit anoying. I've also noticed my belly gets in the way - a lot! When taking pictures, when trying to sit down for dinner, when getting in or out of the car, when cooking... Sigh... I'll be happy to have my normal size back! 

I usually get up about once a night (depending on whether I've had a lot to drink or not) but I manage to get back to sleep pretty fast.
My friend that just had her baby said she's sooo tired so I'm trying to get as much sleep as possible while I can!

Less and less... My dinner is about half of what I usually eat and I find that I have to eat really slowly to fit some food in my stomach. It doesn't really help that baby girl's feet are somewhere next to my stomach...
I skip my after lunch snack and stopped craving something sweet at night because I just don't have any room left for more food. I also try not to drink anything with my food because it just takes up too much room!!

Weight gain?

I can definitely feel her little foot poking my ribs and I can even push it back when it's hurting too much. It does get uncomfortable at times but I'm still enjoying it.
She also started to respond to touch! When I put my hand on my belly or when I pat it, she'll kick and squirm and it's really amazing to see how she reacts... I think she can even tell if it's me or someone else - maybe because she hears the voices?

Fun moments of the week?
Other people being able to feel the kicks! Especially Jeff, he's really enjoying time with his princess... He discovered that if he'll continually softly press on my upper right side, she'll kick him right back! It's only not really fun when he tries this at night when I'm already suffering from the acidic reflux and she'll start kicking my stomach... Yeah...
My mom also felt baby girl squirming! She just put her hand on my belly (again, upper right side) when I thought baby was asleep - but she could definitely feel movement and even some small pokes :-)
It makes me happy that other people can finally feel her! I was starting to get worried haha!

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Mrs. Miller said...

All of what you're saying sounds very familiar -- even about the consistent movement on the upper right side. We could both be in the home stretch...

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