18 Dec 2013

Pregnancy update - 33 weeks

How am I feeling?
I feel pretty good actually! My energy levels are back up a bit and I've been pretty busy.
I don't sleep very good but I'm not superduper tired so it's okay :-)
The only thing that really bothers me is the heartburn. It used to start when I went to bed but now it's around dinner time. I'm sooo grateful for medicines, I don't know what I would do if they didn't exist!!

I feel as normal as I can!
We've had a dinner party and I could still eat everything I want. No cravings, no food aversions. Except for coffee maybe, there are days that I can't stand coffee!

Weight gain?

Lately, I've been feeling her bum in my left upper side! It's so cute :)
And the little feet are in my right side, it's so funny to feel them!

Fun moment of the week?
My parents calling me to say they'd buy our bassinet and baby mattress! They asked which one we wanted and then went and bought a more expensive one... Yep, they are real grandparents! Hihi :-)

1 comment:

Joke said...

Nog eens super bedankt voor gisteren. t Was echt super lekker en gezellig. Mooi buikje! ;)

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