2 Oct 2013

Taking stock

Making: our house a home.
Cooking: endives with ham and cheese (typical Belgian comfort food, mmmm) & banana bread!
Drinking: water, water, lots of water. Gotta stay hydrated for the baby!
Reading: What to expect when you're expecting & The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom
Wanting: a finished thesis so I can be freeeee!
Looking: How I met your mother (5 seasons in 3 weeks? Whoops...)
Playing: mahjong?
Wasting: my time, watching How I met your mother...
Sewing: nothing YET but I'm waiting for my thesis to be done so I can start crocheting granny squares!
Wishing: I could eat all the food in the world right now. 
Enjoying: Magnum Gold Ice Cream... Mmmm...
Waiting: for my husband to get home so we can eat the deliciousness in our oven and finish our floors and mantle.
Liking: how this house is starting to get a little better every day.
Wondering: how our baby girl will look like and be like, what she'll love and what she'll dislike.
Loving: being pregnant.
Hoping: my thesis just magically gets finished.
Marveling: at the movement in my belly.
Needing: furniture. Or IKEA gift cards to buy said furniture.
Smelling: cheesiness in the oven. Seriously, you should try this endives with ham dish! I'll try and share the recipe soon.
Wearing: pregnancy clothes and loving my bump in them!
Following: my friends' updates on facebook.
Noticing: fall is in the air.
Knowing: my husband will be the best dad ever.
Thinking: I should get started again with this thesis.
Bookmarking: granny square blankets & nurseries
Opening: a letter with coupons for free stuff from our local supermarket. Being pregnant gets you a lot of freebies :)
Giggling: at the cute babyclothes I bought this weekend. They're all pink and cute and... Girly.
Feeling: blessed.

There are some common themes to be found on this list. 
Baby. Food. Home. Husband. 
I guess that's my life right now and I just can't help but feel so incredibly blessed. 

Inspired by this post


Mrs. Miller said...

What a fun post... I might have to steal the categories. :-D

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

You look so cute in your picture! :)

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