13 Oct 2013

Happy birthday Jeffie!

My 23/24 week update will be up tomorrow, I just wanted to share a picture of the birthday cake I made for my dear husband!

It's a sponge cake with a whipped cream and raspberry filling and some fruit. My grandmother used to bake one of these for each and every birthday of her grandchildren. I had never tried one before but Jeff asked for it and it is actually very easy!!
It didn't take a lot of time and it tasted de-li-cious.

Happy birthday baby!


Daisy said...

Oh lekker! Ik mis de Belgische taartjes wel hoor....hier zijn die bijlange zo lekker niet....en zelf gemaakt, dan smaakt het nog beter.

Courtney B said...

Mmmmm, that cake looks SO good!

Rachel said...

That cake looks pretty amazing! Fresh fruit and sponge cake is a great combo!

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