16 Oct 2013

24 week update

The one night I felt really terrible 
but I couldn't postpone taking the picture any longer ;)

How am I feeling?
Same old same old. I'm kinda enjoying being pregnant right now.
The only difference is that I can really start to feel my belly getting bigger and heavier. It's getting harder to turn around in bed, get out of the bathtub and even breathe sometimes! Oh and backaches. Terrible backaches... But it depends on how full my schedule is.

I still am quite hungry but when I eat or drink too much I feel sooo bad for the rest of the day. Can't.breathe... Hehe :-)
I did eat a lot of chocolate these past weeks, mmm!

+ 7kg... I've never ever ever seen these numbers on my scales so sometimes I have to remind myself it's normal and okay and I'll lose a lot of the weight right after birth. My gynaecologist said it's still okay, but I should try to keep myself to 1/2kg a week ;)
But when I weighed myself this morning it was only +5, I guess it's not really clear how much I've actually gained? 

How big is baby?
She weighs 650g and is about 28cm long. Just a couple of months ago she was invisible and now she's 28cm? I love it!

I can feel baby girl move quite a lot. Sometimes it even feels a bit uncomfortable/weird - I think maybe when she's turning around? It's so funny to see my belly move around, though.

It might sound stupid but I've been looking forward to the 24week mark. In Belgium, doctors aren't allowed to do anything to save the baby if she arrives before 24weeks and it's such a relieve that from now on my baby is "important enough" or "human enough" to keep her alive. Silly, I know, but it makes me feel safer.

Fun moments of the week:
* Jeff seeing and feeling my belly move :)
* Buying my very first baby-outfit! It's a supercute white dress with pink polka dots and flowers, a matching little vest, some warm leggings and cute "shoes".  She'll look stunning ;-)
I've also been doing some online shopping, can't wait for all the baby stuff to come in! Once I started, it's like I couldn't stop finding cute things...


Joke said...

Is dat echt zo van die 24 weken in Belgi√ę? Verschrikkelijk. Blij dat je zo ver bent!

Dove of Snow said...

Hey there Evelien!

I've tried to keep up with reading your blog although I haven't gotten to comment on anyone's blog of late! But I have to say, it's been soooo fun to watch you as you move through your pregnancy! I'm so very excited for you to be having a precious baby girl! I know you are thrilled. And you look great! Even on a "bad" day of not feeling your best. Seriously! You've got that happy glow. :)

Sounds like you are settling nicely into your home and into your dream of starting a family. Congrats, and God bless and keep you and baby girl! :) - Rachel

Megan said...

You look adorable!!! Ahhhh, I can't believe you are already so far along!!!!! I can't wait to "meet" your sweet babe!!

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