27 Oct 2013

26 weeks - Pregnancy update

How am I feeling?
I'm completely used to being pregnant now. I still think people don't see my pregnant belly, until I look in the mirror and notice the huge bump. I feel good, energetic, sometimes a bit hormonal maybe... And starting to get annoyed with certain people. This deserves a post all to itself but here's a heads up: PLEASE, do not touch my bump when I am eating. I really don't mind people touching my belly but when I start looking like I'm going to throw my burger in your face - you better back off! I also get quite annoyed when kids keep repeating how my baby is eating when I am eating, or that I can't eat fries because babies don't eat fries, or that they want to hug my belly all.the.time because they want to hug my baby all.the.time... The thing with kids is that they just start to sound like a broken record, repeating the same sentence time and time again because they are so excited. Listen, after a couple of months it starts to bug me. So please stop...

As I said, I just feel completely normal! No crazy cravings, not even an abnormal appetite. The only thing I noticed is that I feel so full after just 2 scoops of ice cream, whereas I used to be able to down an entire pint of B&J... But I guess that's a good thing ;-)
Oh and I need my peace when eating, as you may have noticed in my little rant... I like it to be peaceful and calm when I eat! ;-)

+7/7.5 kg I think. I still find it very hard to keep track of my weight because it changes every day. I just hope to stay around this weight or maybe around 8kg when I have to get back to my doctor. But with what I'm eating I don't think I'll gain 2 extra kg in 2 weeks, right?

How big is baby?
She should be around 30-33cm!

I think we have a very calm and sweet baby. She doesn't kick me very hard or very often. Just enough to keep me satisfied with the movement. I did notice she's starting to kick my sides when I'm in bed, I guess she doesn't like the matress? :-)

As of now baby is OFFICIALLY viable and stands a great chance of surviving outside of the womb! Not that I want her out anytime soon of course,but again, it gives me so much comfort to know she'll be okay whatever happens.
I also started buying some baby stuff! We have a changing pad and some baby linnens... But there's more to come, obvioiusly.

Fun moment of the past two weeks?
We had a christian prenatal course yesterday at one of our local churches. There's a real baby boom there and since our church doesn't have any young couples they invited us to join in the fun. It was so interesting...
They tought about how to care for a newborn, offered practical help but more importantly - they gave us some great tools to start praying for our babies and care for their spiritual health. We loved the fellowship but it did make me long for some more young couples in our own church... It was so much fun to talk with the other pregnant ladies and their amazing husbands! We'll have to keep in touch and maybe we can join like a mom's group or something :-)

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Courtney B said...

You look great!
I was like you... I felt totally normal (aside from my growing belly and the little movements inside) and I never had any crazy cravings!

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