8 Sept 2013

19 week update

How am I feeling?
Really good! Everything is going so well. A tad bit emotional at times but that's about it.
I am getting a bit anxious for our house to finally be done actually... As you may remember, we took all our floors out in the living area. We're finally kind of in the home stretch where we're prepping our walls so we can get them painted before putting our hardwood floors in. I'll have to get an update on that online!

It's going fine really! No back aches or weird dreams this week so I'm really happy :)
I have to say though that the hormonal emotional moments usually happen before going to bed haha!

No real cravings or food aversions. I've even prepared some chicken this week!
I've been cooking homemade meals every day and I'm enjoying cooking! I even accepted to make a big birthdaycake for a friend of mine in two weeks. Exciting :)

Weight gain?
A little over 2kg, maybe 2.3kg? I'm still pretty happy about the weight gain, I mean, I'm almost halfway there, right?

How big is baby?
I would say around 19-20cm.

In the beginning of this week I didn't feel a lot but our baby started moving again a couple of days ago. Sometimes I get a bit teary-eyed when I feel it...

Funny moment of the week?
My nieces telling me I can't crawl under the table because I can only do what my baby can do... Right...
It's a good thing I'm not too set on crawling under tables all day long ;)


Joke said...

Ik zie tegels!!!! :)

Mrs. Miller said...

So cute! I'm 19 weeks today, and both hubby and I agree that I've "popped". I definitely look pregnant now. More depending on my outfit, but it's pretty fun.

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

So sweet. :)

Daisy said...

Hello evelien, so nice to come along a fellow Belgian blogger! Doesn't happen a lot I guess. I just had to follow you so I can keep up to date with your pregnancy and home exciting! :)

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