16 Sept 2013

20 week update

 Belly-pic with thanks to Joke from S.A.M.B. at 20w4d!

How am I feeling?
Tired and hungry. Getting uncomfortable at night, especially with some beginning heartburn.
I'm also starting to have to little weird pains everywhere: in my feet, my legs, my back... It's nothing too bad, just a bit uncomfortable at times.

Except for the heartburn at night I'm still getting a lot (a lot...) of sleep.

YES PLEASE! I'm just soooo hungry all the time.
But I'm starting to crave sweets. Chocolate, pastries, Ben & Jerry Chocolate fudge mmm...  Yeah, I didn't get over that one :)

Weight gain?
Still going slowly but steadily. It's somewhere around 3kg. 

It's kind of the same but my gynaecologist said it's probably because the placenta is in front of my belly.

Funny moment of the week?
My first stranger asking me if I'm pregnant! Actually there were 2 strangers that asked it at the same event. Pregnant lady coming through, people!!


Unknown said...

Lovely to see an update! My placenta is at the front too so it really muffled those early movements. With my other babies I was feeling much more movement much earlier and it did concern me just a little bit. Now that baby is so big though and everything has moved up, ther is certainly no muffling of kicks and punches and I'm sure you will be the same!

Tulips said...

Zo'n grappige foto! Joke heeft dat goed gedaan!

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