29 Aug 2013

18 Weeks pregnant

How am I feeling?
This week has been really great, actually. I still get tired easily but I guess that's normal. I mean... I'm growing a human being inside of me!
Oh and I have one new symptom... Clumsiness! I drop e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. Including my husband's Windows Tablet, oops... Fortunately, it still works - but it has a little broken piece on one corner.

This is not going too well. I need to get up once a night to pee and it's hard to fall asleep.
And you know what? It's probably not getting any better soon. But it's all for a good cause! I can't wait to meet our baby!!

I NEED my fruit juice in the mornings. Whether it's freshly squeezed or not, I just need it or I get cranky haha :) And in the evenings I could kill for a Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream. Mmmm... Yes, I make Jeff run to the store and then I eat the entire container on my own. Yeah...
Other than that, there's not a lot I'm craving. Just food in general! I've started to cook again, which is huge 'cause I haven't been able to even *think* about food before.

Weight gain?
Almost 2kg or about 4 pounds. It's actually exciting to see the weight gain haha :) Apparently, baby weighs 200g and the amniotic fluid is about 1 liter, so I'm doing pretty good! But I might need to stop the Ben & Jerry affair...

How big is baby?
At our gyn's the baby was 17cm, so by now he/she is 18cm! That's like... really big!! And the weight was 200g. The gynaecologist was very pleased with everything she saw on the ultrasound, she said it couldn't have looked better! Proud mommy here!

I feel our baby move almost every day. It's not very distinct but I can tell when it's the baby and when it's not! Every once in a while I can also feel some kicks or pokes but I can't get him/her to poke me back yet.

Baby's gender?
I'm a tad bit disappointed. We had hoped to find out the baby's gender this past Monday but it was impossible to see anything with the way baby was positioned. Now we'll have to wait 'til our 20 week appointment. Bummer...

Funny moment of the week?
Not finding out the gender? Hah! That wasn't really funny actually ;-)
I also bought 6 cloth diapers for 10 euro and another 3 diapers and 2 little diaper covers for another 10 euro. This brings my cloth diaper stash to a grand total of 19! 10 pocket diapers, 6 prefolds (they are huge!) and 3 diapers that you have to tie together. And all of this for under 50 euro! I'm so proud of myself :)


Tulips said...

Mooi buikje al he!

sofieV said...

Amai, je straalt echt!

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