24 Aug 2013

Pregnancy update - 16/17 weeks

 16 Weeks - right before going to the musical "Cats"

17(1/2) weeks - Right before I went to bed. 
Yes, I look huge but I don't think my belly has really grown that much? 
I feel like it's a lot of air or something...

How am I feeling?
Better! A lot better, thank You Jesus :-)
My morning sickness slowly started to fade around 16 weeks and now I only have to run to the toilet about once a week - Jeeej!
My belly is getting a lot heavier, which is also starting to take a toll on my back. I feel so blessed that I can lie down pretty much whenever I want to. I can't imagine  how all of you working ladies do this, respect!!

Cravings/ Food aversions?
This is nothing too weird I guess. I love cheese. And you can always make me happy with a slice of lemon. But other than that I usually don't eat a lot.
I did start to get a bit more of an appetite so I guess my weight will finally start to go up from now on.

Weight gain?
I think I might have gained my first kg (2.2 pounds)! Yes, it is exciting, right? ;-)
My pregnancy books tell my it's okay and that the average woman has gained 2-4kg by this point in pregnancy. 

How big is baby?
Somewhere around 17 cm I think? Not too sure... 
This monday we have our next  appointment and then we'll know for sure!

Funny moment(s) of the week?
* Feeling the baby kick! I've felt (slight) movement almost everyday but one day I felt 7 kicks on the same spot. Pretty sure that weren't my bowels!!!
* My first Braxton-Hicks! It was actually kinda funny. I was just chillin' in my bed before getting up in the morning and I felt my tummy get really hard. So weird... I could feel how big my uterus is, like there was a ball inside my belly!


Tulips said...

Geen cravings? Ik dacht dat je lag te proppen in bed? :P

Anonymous said...

You look Amazing! Glad all is going well :) Lisa May

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