8 Aug 2013

Pregnancy update - 15 weeks

 Wow, I feel like my belly is BIG! 
Let's just say this was after the all-you-can-eat rib restaurant ;)

How far along?
15 weeks!

How am I feeling?
* It's going okay. Yesterday I had a great morning and I was jumping around, celebrating that it was overrrr. Not so much ;) I got yesterday's nausea on top of today's portion. Jeeej!
* The tiredness is starting to come to an end but I still prefer lying in my bed all day long, hah!
* The growing pains are continuing and getting worse. Sometimes it really really really hurts but I get really excited because it means my baby is doing well and growing :)

Cravings/Food Aversions?
I can't seem to keep any food down. I mean, it's not like I'm starving or anything but it's hard to get food in. I eat soup every day so I can give our baby some veggies and I love these sour little berries. But other than that? I don't eat a lot. Even when I get hungry and buy all these delicious foods, I get in a food coma after a couple of bites hah!
Tonight we're going to an all you can eat rib restaurant with Joke and Gary and I'm not sure how it'll go. But we'll see, right? :)

Weight gain?
Still nothing. I think I might even have lost some weight... But I've noticed that I eat better when we're not at home and I've been home all week.

How big is baby?
He/she should be around 12cm (TWELVE!) or  4 2/3 inch!! That is amazing, right?
From 12 to 16 months babies get a grow spurt, it's insane!

Funny moment of the week?
I think I felt the baby today! It were just a couple of flutters but I'm 100% sure that it was not my tummy. So special!


Joke said...

Looking good, Evelien! :)

Tulips said...

Allez jong, waar blijven je andere updates? ^^

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