3 Jan 2013

2013 Goals (part 1)

I am one of those people that LOVE New Years Resolutions! I really love the fact that you can have a new start and give it your best. I don't really start on January 1st but I give myself the whole month of January to think about which goals I want to meet this year.

Therefore, I'll just give you guys what I've come up with so far!!

Happy Newyear dear friends :)

1. Work on my posture.
I really have bad posture and I hate to see pics where I'm just standing like a sack. I've been trying to work on it for a couple of weeks and I thought it would be a good goal to work on this.

2. Read 30 books.
I set this goal every year! I think I'll struggle with it this year because of my thesis, but I still want to put it in my goal list.

3. Start walking more.
I'd LOVE to get a puppy this year (to help meet this goal., right?) I've discussed it with Jeff and I think he'll cave in hah!
We've moved to this beautiful neighbourhood, there's a protected nature park right around the corner, so there's really no excuse! I need some more exercise but I know I need to start small. So I'll start with something I actually love: walking!

4. Learn to do something fun with my hair
Typically I just let my hair hang loose or make a pony tail. I'm so boring, right?! Haha :)
I want to learn at least 5 hair do's that I really like and make me feel a bit more special. 

5. Work on my walk with God.
I think I've let my walk with God slip a bit... I need some more examples in my life, like a mentor. Jeff and I have started with "Godly Date Nights" where we meet together around God's Word, we pray and praise Him. I loved it so far and hope we'll continue this throughout the year.

So do you make goals? Please post them in the comments or leave me a link if you've blogged about them! 
I really love to read them hah!

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