1 Jan 2013

2012 in Review

* I had exams in January.
* My birthday is on the 30th and I got an amazing little gift from my husband. Our first pet, Janneman!

We're thinking about getting a second pet, a dog. Well, I guess I am thinking about it and my husband is trying to talk it out of my head hah!

* I also started a baking class, wich I cancelled after a couple of weeks because it was too boring. The teacher gave us the recipe and had us make it, without any explanation or tips and tricks. I can do the same things while watching Youtube!

* I made my first ever wedding cake!!
And it was a good one. I'm still really happy with that cake and with all the memories I have of making it haha :)

* I made some more cake

 * I threw my first ever bridal shower for a dear, dear friend of mine. 

* We bought our house! It was only up for sale for 2 days and we closed the deal really fast.
We're so happy with our house and with how the sale went.

* I went to the wedding from the friend I threw the bridal shower for. I got to be her "assistent": doing her make-up and helping her getting ready (kind of like a bridesmaid I guess? We don't really have bridesmaids in Belgium!), I helped with the catering and made her weding cake.

* I posted my Bookshelf of 2011 
and a really fun post on 99 things

* We went to the beach with Jeff's family

* We received some A-MA-ZING chocolate chip cookies on our front door, delivered by my blogging friend Jo


* Jo from SouthAfricaMeetsBelgium got married!! I made her wedding cake :)

* We celebrated our first year of marriage

* We moved in with Jeff's parents so we didn't have to pay the rent of our apartment and the loan for our house at the same time. We've lived there for almost 6 months in total.

* We celebrated the birthday of one of my dear friends and yes, I got to make the cake haha!

* We went on our first camping trip. For me it was the first time ever to go camping, but we had an amazing time! I really enjoyed the time with my husband, he's just the best camping buddy :)

* I received my bachelor's degree and started my masters.

* I started evening school to become an events planner (yes, I combine 2 studies)

* We received the keys to our house and started renovating

* Jo took our pictures in a couples shoot! It was really fun and now we have some beautiful pics with just the two of us.
October- November: 
I got swallowed in work... Combining 2 schools and renovating a house was much harder than I thought it would be...

We had a crisiweek at school, where we had to solve a fake crisis at our university. We also had a campaign week where we had to promote one of the faculties

*I finished my first semester, it was my last first semester ever!

* We finally MOVED to our house! That was one of the best things that happened this year hah!

I can't wait to see how 2013 turns out!
It'll be the year I'll finish my school and maybe start working.
Maybe it'll be the year we get pregnant.
Maybe I'll get a puppy this year!

It's going to be an exciting year! 


Joke said...

Wat een fantastisch jaar achter de rug. Ik ben blij dat mijn koekjes het in jouw review gehaald hebben. Haha :)

Dove of Snow said...

2012 was quite the year for you! So glad it was so good overall. I hope 2013 is a wonderful year full of wonderful happenings and dreams come true! :) - Rachel

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Looks like you had a wonderful and prosperous 2012! Here's to a happy and peace filled 2013. :)

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