6 Jan 2013


Lately I've been experiencing a lot of anxiety.

I don't know where it comes from. I guess it's caused by my upcoming exams or maybe by the fact that we're still living out of boxes, but I just.don'!

I'm having two major exams on the 15th and the 21st. After those I'll be working as an intern for 6 weeks! How exciting, my first "real" work experience!!
Then I'll have some extra weeks to finish up my thesis (which I haven't even started yet) and that will be the end of my student years! I believe that might be causing some of the anxiety too... Both the thesis and the new life awaiting me, that is.

I just wish I could fastforward a couple of months to where I have a job that I'll love (right?), buying beautiful stuff I can afford because of said job (right??) and maybe even starting to try and have some babies (right??!!).
But I can't and I'll just have to work myself through this big mess that's called university/life-out-of-a-box-in-the-messiest-house-ever (seriously, who can study when there's so much distraction?!).

By the way I wish you all a great Epiphany today! Do you guys celebrate it? Around here it looks a lot like Haloween with kids asking for candy or money. We also have this cake and if you find the bean inside of it, you get to be the king/queen of the day.

Guess who found the bean?

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