25 Dec 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to y'all dear blogging friends!

I'm back! Even though I'm still very tired (need proof? Check those pics...) I'm glad to announce I've survived the first semester of my last year at uni! I think I did a good job and I hope that the next semester will be less stressful!

This Christmas I received my first ever Lush products! I'm so so excited to try those out - once we've installed our bath! Thanks to my sweet SIL and her little helper pictured above.

My husband gave me one of the biggest presents I've ever received!
I think this blog will get some cake-updates really soon :)

We are moving to our house tomorrow. We've tried to move twice, but every time so far it started to pour! So let's pray that tomorrow will be different and that we can just get on with our lives!


Joke said...

Leuke update. Super cadeau van Jef. Wij gebruiken onze keukenrobot super vaak. Veel succes met de verhuis! Almost there!

Dove of Snow said...

How cute you looked in your little red and black outfit with your santa hat! :) And what fun presents! Merry Christmas belated!! - R

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