5 Dec 2012

Dear friends,

I'm alive! Yes! I'm sure you're all wondering what happened, but it's still crazy at school. We're still living at Jeff's parents. I'm still feeling like everything is falling apart - but I can see light at the end of the tunnel!

My school runs 'til December 21st and we're hoping to move that weekend, right in time for Christmas :)
So far we've almost finished the ceilings, we're prepping the walls to get them painted and we've installed the kitchen. Jeff has been amazing! When he comes home from work he gets some food and goes to work in our house! He's just the best :)

Right now we're having "crisis week" at uni. They simulate a crisis and we have to solve it! Joy...
It's less interesting than it sounds, it's even pretty boring...

I hope to be more active when I've finished this semester, thank you for your sweet comments!
You really are the best blogfriends ever!

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