12 Jul 2012

Pictures of this week

Saturday was joke's wedding! It was such a great party, everything felt so natural and happy :)

I'll leave the pictures up to her but here's one from when I had just put the cake together, it still needed some work but the owner of the place was kinda looking at what I was doing so I didn't want to take too many pictures. I promise to share a better one as soon as Joke sends me them!

I'm still really enjoying my sweet bunny!
He is so happy and funny all the time :)

cutie :)

And last but not least!
Some friends of ours invited us over for dinner this week and they had a suprise for us!
The guy is a chocolatier (I didn't find a translation... He basically makes things out of chocolate!) and he made us this beauty for our one year anniversary!

So sweet! He made something similar for our wedding :)

We told him that we'll be expecting this every year now hah!
I love friends that take the time to think of something to suprise us with, to make us happy! That's my favorite kind of friend :)


Rach said...

Such a cool gift!

sofieV said...

Hey Evelien. De cake was heeerlijk!Ik was blij dat ie hier in de frigo stond na de trouw. ;) We hebben ook 2 ginormous slices in de diepvries gestoken zodat J&G ervan kunnen eten op hun 1e huwelijksverjaardag. :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

That's the cutest anniversary gift...and how cute
Is that bunny!

Dove of Snow said...

LOVE your bunny! Aren't they sweet? I love to watch ours and it's so cute that they love it when we come outside and pet them. Ours love to be scratched on the bridge of their nose and up between their ears! Funny, huh?

The cake you made looks yummy and pretty, as does the chocolate gift!

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