10 Jul 2012

Sometimes & Always


Sometimes: I don't want to workout and I stop in the middle (after 25 minutes in stead of 40-50!)
Always: I still feel great that I even started working out hah!

Sometimes: I do too much for people and then afterwards need a week of relaxation. Read: watching Youtube and eating doritos and cheesedip all day long.
Always: I don't care! I don't take enough me-time so it's totally a-ok to just splurge on it once in a while...

Sometimes: I think of silly things I want, such as an expensive Erin Condren Life Planner that costs 50 dollars and an additional 32 dollars to get it to me. (How much does it cost to order it in the US?)
Always: I can get it out of my head by thinking of other things we need, BUT....

I just ordered my very own personal, very expensive, very beautiful and oh-so-amazing Life Planner!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOOW! (You get the idea, right?)

I chose this one with a different color. 
I'll show you when it gets here.

How did I convince the hubs? Well, he actually convinced me! (by not giving me a gift for our one year anniversary 'cause hey, nobody told him 10000000 times already that gifts are my main love language, right?)
So he almost begged me to buy this beauty as compensation :)
Let me clarify that he did bring me breakfast in bed - he even got up very early so I wouldn't have to wait on it! And he did take me out for dinner AND bought me an ice cream afterwards! (hence the work out)

Maybe I'll just get the planner every year for myself as an anniversary gift, so Jeff doesn't feel bad about thinking I didn't want anything, hah!
Love you baby :) Thanks for the amaaaazing gift!


sofieV said...

Ooooh, cool. Ben benieuwd om dat eens in het echt te zien!

Dove of Snow said...

Pretty Life Planner! Now please tell me, what exactly is a Life Planner? Is that like our day planners? :)

I understand the thing with working out . . . . but I always say, any physical exercise or workout is better than none at all!! LOL Have a lovely day!

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