4 Jul 2012

Little sister growing up

Last week my little sister graduated highschool!
I'm so proud of her but she thought it was no big deal... She came straight from a party, not even took a shower haha!

 Hannah and one of her teachers
Look at the hair... Can't believe she's my sister haha!

And other good news is that she FINALLY has a boyfriend! They were waiting for almost 2 years (yes, more than 500 days! - but nobody was counting, right?) for him to turn 18 because his parents didn't want him to date before that :)

He still is 17 years old actually, his birthday is in 15 days! But my baby sister will be going on a missionary trip to Ethiopia for a month so everyone decided that it was ok to start the relationship now :)

Congrats little knollekie!

1 comment:

hope in high heels said...

That is fantastic news - its such a milestone! The photo of your sister and her boyfriend is so sweet - I can't believe she's heading off for a month, that's amazing!

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