27 Jun 2012


It's been SO crazy around here!
Jeff is gone... He left me... for a WHOLE week! Blah!!
I feel so lost without him haha! And when I'm out I feel like everyone can see that my husband is not at home and that I'm all by myself this week...
Isn't that weird?!
I had the same thing when we were just married, I couldn't believe it when a guy came to ask me if I wanted to dance with him... I mean, come on! I'm a married woman, mister!!

Oh and btw, he took my camera with him, so no pics that I made today!

I still have an exam comming up tomorrow and yet I've been baking cakes!
My friend and neighbor Mieke has her birthday today and she's throwing a party... So I have the honor of making her cake! I'll make sure I get a picture of it somehow...

 I totally stole this pic from her facebook and I didn't ask permission. I'm hoping that if she finds out, she'll remember the cake and forgive me ;)

I'm also making cakepops and frozen banana covered in chocolate! Well, the bananas might be gone before the party starts... Oops...

In addition to all the baking I've also decorated our whole hallway as a suprise! I wanted to do it at night but I still heard them talking in their study, which is RIGHT next to the hallway... So I had to get up really early to get it all done! But it looks great (at least I think so!) and I'm sure she'll be happy :)

I just REALLY like to serve people. If they have something coming up like a birthday or a wedding I simply think about what I would want people to do for me without me asking for it. And then I just go out of my way to give them a great day! 
This is something that is NOT "me", I'm 100% sure that it is a gift from my Heavenly Father! 
It's a gift that often gets me very tired haha! But I just really really love to serve and make people feel special and loved :)

Now I just need to get studying and cleaning all this mess... After my exam I'll be heading to my parents' 'till Sunday :) Jeeej!!


Joke said...

You DO have the gift of serving. It's awesome and I appreciate it! :) Leest Mieke jouw blog? Cool! :) Succes met je laatste examen. xxx

sofieV said...

Veel succes op het laatste examen en ik vind het echt sjiek hoe je je altijd inzet voor anderen. Wou dat ik dat ook meer in me had.

Dove of Snow said...

It does seem as if you have a gift for serving, perhaps something like hospitality! How wonderful! :) I wish you lived close to me and could make me one of your beautiful cakes! They look scrumptious!

Looks from the photo as if your friend, Mieke is a very sweet and happy young lady! Hope the party went well!

Rach said...

What a blessing to have that gift of service! My younger sister is like that and it is such a precious gift to have!

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