6 Jul 2012

What I've been up to today...

In only ONE day my friend Joke is getting married!
She's been counting down for quite some time now and I've been counting down with her haha!

Here's a sneak peek into what I've been doing for the last two days (and hope to finish today).

She made this cake stand herself with things she found in a thrift store! Very frugal and crafty if you ask me... (find out how she did it -here- )

My house is a mess... A BIG mess! There's cake crumbs everywhere and I can smell the frosting on my hands haha :)
The cake is a light chocolate cake with royal icing. I'm always amazed at how much sugar you put in that frosting! Good thing I've been stocking up on it for the past weeks hehe...

Now I can only hope Joke and her husband will like the cake!
It's my wedding present to them so let's hope everything goes well.

Just for the record, this is my third official wedding cake. Number one (see it here) was made in less than 24 hours, number two (see it here) was made not so long ago.
Last week I made a birthday cake and I'm still waiting on the pics from that one...

1 comment:

Joke said...

WOW! I cannot wait! Looks amazing. Thank you thank you thank you! xxx

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