24 Apr 2012


Sometimes: I feel like it's still too rainy and cold for April :(
Always: I turn on the heat, wrap myself in a blanket and enjoy a cup of tea! I won't be able to do that in the summer so let's just enjoy it as long as possible!

Such a flattering pic, isn't it?!

Sometimes: I feel like I need some more dates with my girlfriends!
Always: This thesis is hanging above my head like a dark cloud and makes me feel SO guilty for not being at home behind my computer :(

Sometimes: I can get a day without candy or chocolate
Always: The day after that day? Yep... I eat so much that I feel like I'm going to explode!

One of my favourite people EVER!!
My sweet little niece Lilly

Head on to Megan to find some more S&A's from some lovely girlies!!


Mrs. Miller said...

What a fun post. I'll have to check out the original blog thing. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm looking forward to reading yours.

Holly said...

I hope you get through your thesis soon so you have more time for fun stuff without feeling like you need to glue yourself to your desk! :)

Unknown said... Its hot here already. I actually miss a little chill.

I hope that thesis leaves you alone. It seems like a pain! ;)


Dove of Snow said...

Awww...cute photo of you and your niece!

I can understand the thesis always nagging at you . . . I have had more big projects/research papers and homework this semester of graduate studies than I had the first semester, and it's been rough many a time! I hope it's all working out for you! :)

Megan said...

I seriously eat chocolate every single day. That's ridiculous. Haha. Thanks for linking up with me!!

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