22 Apr 2012

Wedding Cake Nr.2

A couple of weeks ago some friends of our got married!
They asked me to bake their cake, do the make-up (which turned out wonderful!!) and help out during the day. It's the girl that I threw the last-minute bridal shower for!

Here's a picture of the cake :)
I think it tasted wonderful! People were amazed that I had made it and to be honest, I was too!
Usually I get so sick and tired of the cake I'm working on that I don't really fancy a piece. Not so this time!

It was a devil's food cake with chocolate-buttercream frosting. The filling was dark ganache, decorations are sugarpaste and strawberry buttercream.

I'm sorry but I had to cut off the bride and groom... This was just the small version of their wedding (just the legal stuff). The BIG fancy wedding will follow this summer and I don't want to spoil it for the people that might be invited and that follow this blog/ the bride and groom  ;)


Joke said...

Jammie! Nice job.

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, that looks amazing!! And I bet it tastes so good, too!!! Send me some! Haha!

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