5 Mar 2012

Raspberry-chocolate cake

Yesterday we went to my SIL's birthday party!
Ofcourse I had to make a cake :)

It was a chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache and raspberry filling... I liked it, but I never seem to LOVE my cakes like other people do... What's up with that? Maybe I'm just so tired of working on that cake so I can't appreciate it as much??

Don't you love this picture? Sophie got a new photo camera as a birthday present from her husband and I love how pretty the pictures are!!

And a picture of the two of us.

I was getting very tired because my sweet husband brought me breakfast in bed at 8am haha! Thanks sweetie :)


Lyndsey said...

I do the same with my food! My mom always makes it better! Cute pic!

Patty said...

Such lovely photos!! And that cake looks scrumptious!!

Ashley @ The Latest Find said...

That cake looks really good! =)

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