6 Mar 2012



Sometimes: My bunny likes Jeff better because he gives him food to make him come to him
Always: Janneman still loves me better 'cause I'm home so much!! Haha :)

Sometimes: I give too much of myself to people, trying to help as much as possible
Always: I need a couple of days of rest afterwards!

Me and 2 of my dear friends! I'm so lucky to have friends that support me and love on me when I'm having a hard time! Thanks L.!

Sometimes: I think I can pull this thesis-thing off in just 2 weeks
Always: when I just look at a deadline that's coming closer I start panicking haha!

Sometimes: Jeff brings me breakfast in bed!!!
Always: I love him for doing that, 'cause it's my favourite meal ever! Wanna make me happy? Bring me some breakfast!!

Linking up with Megan!!


Jen said...

I wish my husband would bring me breakfast in bed!!!

Monica said...

great post! I too would not know what to do without my friends! God has truly blessed me!

hope in high heels said...

I'm with you on breakfast being the best meal... my husband often jokes the first things I say every day is "I'm hungry" rather than "good morning"!

Megan said...

Breakfast in bed?! That sounds like perfection! He is so sweet! I'm glad you have such a great man!

Thanks for linking up with me!!

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