2 Mar 2012

I need some help!

This is a call for help to the wives that are still in college...

How do you do it?
Both the housekeeping and the studying in only 7 short days??

I've got the housekeeping (I think)... But the studying?
It's just not working! I feel like I'm drowning in all the work I still have to do for school!

What a regular day looks like for me:

7.30ish: I get up, have breakfast while checking blogs&Facebook
9am: My Quiet Time! (which I haven't been doing lately due to not enough time...)
10am: Workout, followed by a shower (same thing, not enough time this past week...)
11.30: I get ready for lunch with my husband! He works at just a 5min walk from our home!
12-1pm: Jeff and I have lunch
1.30pm: I start the house keeping: ironing, dishes (I hate it... It's a never ending story!)
2.30pm: Facebook&blog-time
3pm: I start our dinner and in the meanwhile I get some more housekeeping done such as making our bed, cleaning up etc before Jeff comes home
4.30: Jeff comes home! Party in da house!! We relax a bit together, talk about our day
5.30: Dinner
6.30: We either have a course/something else to go to (mondays: baking, tuesdays: assertivity course for 4 weeks, fridays: prayer meeting) OR we hang out together with a movie, which is important for Jeff...

What am I not seeing? Am I spending too much time with my husband??
Oh and I even forgot to mention my "projects" such as 

home made bread!!!

or this:

 This is just a sneak peak... 
It's for tonight and one of my readers is going to eat it, so I'm not showing the whole cake just yet!

So tell me, what am I doing wrong?!

I realize I have LOTS of time compared to mommies/ people that are working... But you see, my school isn't shouting for attention like kids do. And I don't have anyone that's mad at me if I don't show up for some studying time, like a boss does... I have to do it all by myself and y'all, that's just so hard!! And I LOVE homekeeping... Just the same as I would LOVE to stay home to care for my babies. But I still have 1,5 year to go before we even can think about that! So for now I need some help :)



Bonnie said...

It's all about time management! Trust me, I have perfected it.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Lauren Talon said...

Trust me I have the same problem. But don't worry about having to apologize to other people that you may have more time than them. I'm a student and I work and I'm married but still to some people they think this means a tons of leisure time. is way hard! Not only do we have a ton of classes to attend, we have homework to do when we get home. The only answer I have is maybe less Facebook and blog time? I know that sucks. BUT this week I definitely had to stop blogging in order to do hmwk :S Hope you figure it out! And hey lady, hang out time with the husband is a must! :)

Joke said...

Wish I could offer advice but you are ahead of me in this. Once I'm married I will come to you for advice! :) I hope everything works out! PS: The cake was delicious! You have a real talent, Evelien!

Anonymous said...

i would have more time if i stopped facebook and reading blogs. time seems to pass quickly when i do this and before i know it, an hour has passed.

Megan said...

Oh girl, I have no idea. I could not have done my nursing school and wifely duties. Haha. Good luck. You can do it!!

Laura Darling said...

You sound busy! I work full time and I've found that if I want to get anything done at night after work, I have to do it AS SOON as I get home. If I sit down and watch a show or read or something, I lose all of my momentum. So I do all of my chores right after work and then let myself relax once they are finished! Good luck!

Dove of Snow said...

Well I'm in pretty much the same boat as you....I'm a more than full time graduate student (yes grad school is harder and more involved than undergrad, I have learned!) and a full time wife. No "job" outside the home, I teach piano at home. But it's still very hard for me most of the time to manage my time correctly!

I would say, you are not spending "too much" time with your husband! You guys need quality time together, that is VERY important. Perhaps some other things will have to be cut down some...look at me, I hardly ever blog! haha I guess that's one area I let slide when my time is even more precious!

Even so, I'm a work in progress, too. I spend way too much time on "fun" distractions sometimes, I think because I feel stressed over school, life, etc. But I do my best with God's help and I Know you do, too! :) Hope you get it figured out! - Rachel

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