28 Feb 2012

Count your blessings

I've been a bit down lately (hence the no-blogging), so I thought I should count my blessings to lift my mood a bit!
I'm really blessed but still depressive thoughts keep creeping in my mind...
So here we go!

* I have an AMAZING husband! He loves me and wants nothing more than to make me happy!

* I have this little bunny that is just the cutest thing ever!
When I'm having my quiet time he comes sitting next to me to snuggle and nap...

* I spent a lot of time doing my favourite hobby... Baking!

* We have a great place to live in, even though it's just for now.

* I have some amazing friends!
This was at a Goodbye Party in our basement (Church venue, not part of our home)!

* I believe in the greatest God and I know that I'm a saved Christian! This is the greatest blessing ever and a source of joy!

What are some of your blessings??
Am I the only one that sometimes forgets about them and starts to be all sad and sorry for myself? Haha!


Unknown said...

hi deary,

I had to do this a couple weeks ago. I hope you can lift your thoughts to a better place. I know how difficult it can be sometimes.

If you need someone to talk to, please feel free to e-mail me!


Chelsea said...

Woah. Is your bunny purple? That would be the neatest thing ever.

You have the most positive attitude. I loved this post. Such a good thing to do when things are rough.

Megan said...

Awww, I love this post! Sometimes we have to MAKE ourselves get out of a funk by being positive! Good for you! You definitely are blessed...and I love your bunny!!!! YAY!!!!

hope in high heels said...

No, you're definitely not the only one! I get so caught up sometimes in day to day life that I don't stop to remember how lucky I am or what makes me happy... so this is a good way of remembering.

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