29 Mar 2012

Houses and Babies

Tonight we're going to look at a house that's for sale!
I'm so so so excited! It's one of the few houses Jeff and I both like from the pictures. It's only a bit over our budget but we can still try, yes?

 A house like this would be perfect! 
But sadly, not possible in Belgium haha!
(so no, this is not the house)

The house has a big garden, one of my MUSTS because I want my kids to be able to play outside in the garden all the time while I grow some vegetables and our (future) dog is running around like crazy! I think a garden is so important. But because of all this I've started to think about babies too! All those baby bumps or momma's with a stroller don't help either...
So if we would be able to buy this house, I'll be getting some baby fever, that's for sure!!!

I guess it's also a good motivation to work hard for my studies, I want to get this degree as fast as possible! Let's get it on with!


sofieV said...

Fingers crossed!

Lyndsey said...

Good luck! That picture is a dream house! We can all dream!

hope in high heels said...

that house looks like a beautiful fairytale! good luck tonight!

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