30 Mar 2012

Bummer, Bridal Shower Fun and my Little Sister!

I guess the house didn't work out last night. Well, it DID work out, we loved it! Maybe a tad too small for what we were expecting but we could make it work! The garden made up for every little negative thought we might have had about the old house!

But it was an open house night so there were lots of people! There were even people measuring everything, taking pictures and looking at us like it already was their house and we were just intruders! Haha :)

The sales girl told us they weren't supposed to go under the price (which was indeed pretty low for a house like that, they wanted to get it sold as soon as possible), especially since there was so much people that really seemed like they wanted to bid on the house! So we had to let our dreams go... (not the baby dream, ofcourse!!)
I may or may not have cried a little... (or a lot?)
If the house is still for sale next week we'll give them a call to see what we can do.

On a brighter note: tomorrow is the bridal shower!!
I still have to find some things but the big things are all ok, thank God.
Tonight I'll do the decorations, tomorrow morning its the bridal shower brunch, yeeey.

AND also: my sister will be staying with us for the weekend!
She's very sweet but very different than me hah!My parents will be going on a weekend-trip and they didn't want her to be home alone because she's had such a hard time on school. She really needs her rest and she really doesn't know her limits haha :)
So I got the nice job of pampering her! And it's fun because now she can come to the bridal shower too!

I love this picture SO much!
It's so typical of each of the three people in it :)
Hannah, Jeff, my Daddy

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