27 Mar 2012

Sometimes & Always


Sometimes: I get myself in too much trouble, such as a last-minute bridal shower (as in: just 2 weeks before the wedding hearing she hasn't had a shower!!)
Always: I enjoy pampering people and one of my gifts is serving!

Sometimes: I just lay in bed all day long
Always: I don't feel bad because it's the only place in our apartment where we have a lot of sun! I'm even getting a bit of a tan ;)

Sometimes: I don't post in a long time
Always: I feel soooo bad and am really happy that there's something like this awesome link haha!


Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Oh I wish we could get sun from our bed. That's an awesome way to tan!! ;-)

Megan said...

Getting a tan from the bed?! Now that is my kind of thing! Haha!! Nothing wrong with laying in bed sometimes. I'm sure you deserve it!!

Thanks for linking up with me!!

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