27 Feb 2012


I'm sorry dear friends for being gone so long!
I don't know what's going on... I guess my life is just too boring for the moment hah!

But today I saw this picture from the Oscars:

It's the crew from Bullhead, a Belgian movie. And who is that woman? She's not an actress..
She's a professor in Literature...
MY professor in Literature!!

I must say this made my day ;)


Lyndsey said...

that would be so cool to see your teacher randomly appear on TV! My old teacher who is a fam friend is on the biggest loser right now! So fun to watch him! esp since he married us about two weeks before he left for the show!

Elisha(: said...

wow that's so cool!!

Courtney B said...

No way!! That is crazy and SO cool!

Dove of Snow said...

How cool is that?? haha Your claim to fame, and through a lit professor no less! :) I miss seeing you on my blog! I am behind, too, on blogging . . . . but it's life. :) Have a blessed day! - Rachel

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