27 Feb 2012


I'm sorry dear friends for being gone so long!
I don't know what's going on... I guess my life is just too boring for the moment hah!

But today I saw this picture from the Oscars:

It's the crew from Bullhead, a Belgian movie. And who is that woman? She's not an actress..
She's a professor in Literature...
MY professor in Literature!!

I must say this made my day ;)


Lyndsey said...

that would be so cool to see your teacher randomly appear on TV! My old teacher who is a fam friend is on the biggest loser right now! So fun to watch him! esp since he married us about two weeks before he left for the show!

Elisha said...

wow that's so cool!!

Courtney B said...

No way!! That is crazy and SO cool!

Dove of Snow said...

How cool is that?? haha Your claim to fame, and through a lit professor no less! :) I miss seeing you on my blog! I am behind, too, on blogging . . . . but it's life. :) Have a blessed day! - Rachel

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