3 Sept 2011

Part 5: Our wedding ceremony

First of all: I'm sorry for the poor quality of the pictures! Lighting was really bad for the pictures, but really good for the romance ;)

In between Jeff coming to get me and the ceremony, we made the pictures with our photographer. I'll share those when I'm finished with the ceremony and the party, because I feel they're too beautiful to just put in between the recap posts :)

Jeff decided to be in church already. In Belgium people often enter the church with the whole wedding suite, but we felt that would be a bit too much and not everyone was very keen on doing it that way.

 When the music started to play, my sister came in with our flower girls Noeki and Lilly. They were too nervous to go by their own, so my sister volunteered. She likes to be in the centre of something ;)

Our intro music was played by piano and the violin and it was an own version of "I will always love you". So precious!
My daddy and I waited outside for the flower girls to get to the front and then we entered too.
He was so proud of me! So proud that he got to give me away to a wonderful man!

 Jeff was very nervous, he doesn't like it when people look at him... But I enjoyed the moment! I only felt like it was very dark, but maybe that was because of the veil.

Our musicians having fun!
We chose to not have the musicians of our church (we don't have much musicians and Jeff and I are 2 of them!), we wanted to have our friends on stage. It was so good to see them standing before us, loving on us while they played... I enjoyed glancing at Mieke (the girl singing) and seeing her glance back and wink :) She's my neighbour and one of my best friends!

 A little overview of the venue. I love the big lights! They're so romantic... 

 My sister read a poem by E. E. Cummings but most people couldn't really understand what she said because she got SO emotional :) Really sweet!

 A little view from the top! So many people, huh? I was really amazed by it all!!
Love the lights :)

 Our pastor, Filip! 
We really like him, he's very nice.
He used to be very active with youth work but now he's studying again...

 Us getting ready to do our vows. I remember feeling so so nervous and thinking "I don't remember what comes next! What were we supposed to do after the vows?!" Haha! But our pastor lead us through it all very smoothly :)

 Handing eachother the rings...

 And our "little problem" that made everyone crack... Yeah... I really was struggling to get that ring on his finger! 
Before wearing the ring, Jeff told me he probably wouldn't like to wear it, and that he'd not wear it every day. But now he's touching it constantly and he's so proud of his ring... So sweet :)

And of course, the kiss...

Then the leaders of our church all prayed for us, which was a very special moment...
We also got a wedding bible, it's very beautiful!!

The two of us looking very very happy as newlyweds ^^

Coming up: the reception and the evening party!

In Belgium we don't just have a reception... We have a reception for "everybody" (you can choose yourself ofcourse) and than you have an evening party: dinner and dance! Usually that's with close friends and family.
We held the reception at our church venue and the evening party in a hotel, where we also got the honeymoon suite as a gift from the hotel managers :) So sweet!!

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Joke said...

Lovely. Gary and I just read this and we're a bit jealous (in a good way :) ). Looking forward to the next part! :)

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