2 Sept 2011

A lovely surprise on a beautiful morning!

When I opened Blogger this morning, I found a comment that has made my day!
It was in Dutch... I was thinking "huh? Dutch? How can someone write in Dutch in my blog comments?!" But than I actually READ the post and it turned out to be someone I know!

(look at all the exclamation marks... Yeah, I get easily excited over small things...)

Not only do I know her, her boyfriend lives across the street! Well he just moved in actually...

 You see the red door? And the windows above it? That's our place!! Photo taken by Joke out of her boyfriend's window!

She found me through Erin's post where Erin asked all of her readers to tell her where they live.
Her name is Joke, she's a student and lives in Ghent... And wanna know what's even more exciting?
She's a blogger!!! She started blogging about a month ago but she writes way more often than I do, and she can take some amazing pictures! Her blog is called South Africa meets Belgium

I read everything and loved every post!
You should all go check her out and leave her some love 'cause she's really such a sweet girl!

Oh and yes, it was a bit freaky to find out someone I know is reading my blog... I didn't really think about the fact that someday someone would find this little blog of mine, but now that day has come. And I'm fine with it, for now :)

Lots of Love for y'all,


Joke said...

Zo lief. I love it ;)

Evelien said...

You're welcome :)

Tatiana said...

This is so awesome! I try keeping my blog semi private, so only a few 'real life' people would know about. However, my husband and my mom tell everyone they know about it, and I am not quite sure how I feel about it. It's like I'm being watched at all times. Haha.
I LOVE your little street and the red door!

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