3 Sept 2011

My everyday reads!

Kelly is doing a link-up about showing your favourite blogs!
I love thislink-up :)

My favs, in no particular order:

Kelly's Korner
ofcourse! I love her sharing of her faith and her 2 precious girls!

Blue-eyed Bride Erin:
she was one of the first blogs I read and I love her sense of humour, her no-nonsense posts and her honesty in sharing her life (at least I think she's being honest, lol)

Women Living Well
Courteney is one of my favs because she has a women's ministry. I learn so much about married life (even when I wasn't married yet, I could learn so much about how to prepare for marriage and how to solve possible future problems), about what it means to live for Jesus as a woman.
"Walk with the King!" :)

The High-Heeled Housewife
I can relate to her because she's married and has no children (yet! She struggles with infertility but I'll keep praying for that!)
She shares her faith, her ideas about how you could be a better (house) wife, how to get a better spiritual walk with God. She's a bit struggling with how to handle her blog right now, but I have faith she'll come back ;)

Mackey Madness
I LOVE Megan! She's so genuinly sweet and she always takes a look around my blog, which makes me feel like she really likes it when people visit her blog. It feels like you can create a bond with her, because she's so open! (Hi Megan, I know you'll read this haha!)

Living Life and Loving It
Tatiana is such a sweety! She's so down to earth, she just posts whatever she thinks about. (At least, that's how it feels to me!) And as a bonus: she has SUCH a sweet little baby girl! I wish I knew them irl :)

South Africa meets Belgium
yeah, I couldn't leave Joke out of this list. We just discovered each other yesterday but I love her blog!
I also loved how excited she was when she (im)patiently was waiting for her boyfriend to stop talking so she could "pleeeease tell you what we've discovered?!" :) Priceless!!

Go check them all out, they're such good blogs!
Enjoy :)

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