21 Jun 2011

Day 21: Favourite picture of myself

I think this would be one of my favourite pictures of myself.

It was septembre, summer. I had just put curls in my hair (permanent), lost - a lot of - weight and was ready to start my second year of college, first year of my current study.

I felt pretty happy!

My relationship with my ex-boyfriend just broke off but I already had a new one (yep... I switched... And I'm still sorry for having it done that way!). But I felt truly loved, even if it wasn't real love.

When I look at this picture, I think I should loose some weight and feel like I did back then! I ate SO healthy! At the moment I'm eating way to many sugars and way too many cookies!! Ugh...
I wish I would have the same weight at my wedding day but I won't. Why not?

Because I'm actually rather happy now too ( - 'cause I can have the occasional cookie and ice cream jeeeej!)! I have a fiancé that doesn't threaten to leave me when I'm having a panick attack due to my exams. Nether does he say I don't look beautiful or that I should watch what I eat.
I'm going to start a completely new life in only 18 days! I fit in my wedding dress and it's such a gorgeous gown...

But this picture does remind me of some good times :) I like it...
AND: It makes me happy that my sweet doggie and I are looking so sweet at each other hah!

1 comment:

Tatiana said...

very beautiful!
I have a picture that I took right after we got married and I keep staring at it, wanting to look like that again. Haha.

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