20 Jun 2011

Day 20: Nicknames

I don't know how much is going to be "understandable English" because most of our nicknames are in Dutch (duu-uuh). Good to know: in Dutch we mostly put the word accent on the first syllable of words?

I think we mostly use "Lieverd" which means "sweetie". But you have to know that I always make up words and that I pronounce the already existing words in a weird way :) So we pronounce the Dutch word with a faked American accent! (Yes, Jeff does that as well by now haha!). This sometimes varies into "Lieverdie" or"Hieve'd".

My second most used nickname for him is Pitou. "Pi" like in pee an "tou" like in... Euhm... I don't think you have that sound in English! The best I can think of is the u in "congratulations" :)
This word is just a not-existing word, I made it up...

Variations on that: pitounie, kipouna, pitie, ... : all again without a real meaning. I guess it just means "I love you" in my own weird language haha :)

Yes, you can laugh, it's fine by me!

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