22 Jun 2011

Day 22: What's in my purse?

I don't carry a lot with me (I think... Compared with girls that carry make up and hair stuff and...)
I also have a very boring bag. It's brown and not fancy at all, but for the moment it works! I have to carry study material with me every day so I need a big bag!

I have in my purse:
*an umbrella
*writing stuff
*a note pad
*stuff to study
*a bottle of water (I always carry this with me!)
*my agenda
*my keys
*my wallet
*desinfecting hand-gel
*band aids
*my phone
*a hair tie
*a random cookie I got with my coffee yesterday morning :)

Yezz.. SO interesting, I know!
No knives or toilet paper or other weird stuff...

1 comment:

Dove of Snow said...

Hello Evelien! My name is Rachel, I'm a brand new follower of yours after seeing you post on a friend's blog and checking your blog out! I love your background, btw! So cute and feminine! Your bag seems similar to what I usually carry and have for a very, very long time. Simplicity shouldn't be so underrated! Just out of curiosity, since I'm new to your blog -- what is the "Day 22" about?

If you have time and also if you want to follow, please check out my blog at It's a simple blog in many ways, but it's heartfelt and I like to think there are some interesting posts in there as I love to write and also to read and to just live and be observant of all around me and the Creator Who made it all! :) Have a great day!

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