6 Apr 2011

Thai New Year

I'm going home tonight because I'll be helping in a project of Oasis. Oasis is an organisation that tries to put an end to human trafficking! It's all very exciting but I won't be doing anything dangerous (I think!).

A friend of mine works at Oasis and she's asked me to help give a present to Thai girls/women that were "bought" and are now forced to work in so-called massage-houses. They're not only giving massages, obviously...
Why a present? They do this every year around Thai New Year, to tell the women that there's someone who cares and knows they're here. Most people don't even know that these things still happen, or they think it's just not in our civilized country! Think again... Even in my home-town there are salons with "trafficked" girls!

What will I be doing? Nothing spectacular :)
I've done a course to become a make-up artist (nothing too complicated, it's mostly bridal make-up or party make-up!) and now we're going to give these women a little treatment to make them feel special.

My friend told me that it's possible that the "boss" will blow the whole thing off if he thinks we're going to be dangerous for their massage-houses, but we'll take the risk!

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Tatiana said...

human trafficking is so heart breaking. I can't believe that people are that selfish that they would put others through that kind of suffering. I'm glad you're part of such a great cause

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