3 Apr 2011

97 days to go!

I was searching for a picture of my weddingdress last weekend, but I just couldn't find it! I looked in every magazine I had, I searched on the internet, but nothing!! I kinda started to freak! (and maybe -just maybe- I even cried a little... JUST maybe!!)

I've got the brand and the reference number, so why can't I find it?
I didn't take a picture because Jeff is so curious. But now I'm so sorry for that! I'll have to wait almost 2 months before I'm supposed to go try it on!

Next weekend we're going tço discuss the music for the dance party with our DJ. I'm really excited!

Just 97 days to go...

1 comment:

Tatiana said...

oh, hun. I'm sorry you can't find a picture of it.
97 days will go by faster than you know. How exciting!

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