16 Nov 2010

Thankful: my favourite things!

Because I've noticed that lately I'm not as thankful for and to my fiancé and other people/things, I've decided to joing in at The High-Heeled Housewife and her new challenge!

Today's the first day/week and it's all about "My favourite things".
Her description: This week, focus on your favorite part about being a wife or a woman.  Celebrate it!  Spend extra time this week focusing on that aspect of your life.  If you are a blogger, write a post about your favorite part of being a wife/woman and link up below.

First of all, I want to try to explain how thankful I am for J. OK, no, I won't try to explain it because I will fail :) He's just thé funniest and most handsome man I've ever met. He loves me, even when I'm cranky (and believe me, I'm cranky a lot :s ). I'm so happy to have met him! I'm so so so thankful that he fell in love and made my heart open up to love again... (long story!)
Honey, if you read this: I love you. I do. I'm sorry I didn't tell you that as much lately!
More about that next week hehe!

And what I love about being a soon-to-be wife? Everything!! I'm really looking forward to the day that we'll finaly live together and that I can cook for him everyday! I'm even looking forward to cleaning our 'house' hah!! I love just being around J. and I could spend hours just cuddling or watching a movie!
I'm also looooving the planning for our wedding! Last week I've tried on some dresses and I had to cry because I loved one of the dresses and just felt like a princess in that thing!! Didn't buy it though, it wasn't thé dress ;) But I loved it anyways!

Next week: What I love about my fiancé!

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