26 Oct 2010

Wedding planning stress

J and I have been talking a lot about our marriage but it's so hard to plan it!
I love reading wedding blogs and I see all these beautiful pictures of beautiful brides, venues, cards, ... and it's a little bit disappointing to hear the prices of all these things I love to see!

J. and I would love to have a big wedding where everybody feels welcome and is just having fun! But that means we would need a big venue -which is practically not affordable in Belgium-, a lot of food -which is rather hard to find...- and a lot of people that are willing to help.

We're looking at a wedding of 250 people... Yikkes! That means a lot of things can go wrong... If the food isn't good, that's 250 people not being happy... If our venue sucks, that's 250 people not being happy...
It just stresses me out to check out places and hear prices we just cannot afford without just throwing all our savings into 1 day!

How do all these brides do it?!

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