16 Aug 2010

The Japanese Garden

Last saturday J. and I went to the Japanese Garden. We wanted a 'date' that wasn't just going to the movies or going shopping and eating dinner.

So for starters we went to a restaurant (yep, we need that food haha!). It's called Zuppa ("Soupah") and you can choose from all kinds of soups :)It may sound strange but we like it and it's very healthy!

There was feta in our soup and pesto... I forgot what the rest was :)

After that we walked to the garden!

It's the biggest authentic Japanese garden in Europe, but I didn't think it was really "big". We walked there for almost 2 hours but we spend a lot of time with the fish.

The weather wasn't great, but you can see how beautiful the garden is! It's just 15 minutes from my home, but I had never been there before... :::shame on me:::
It is too bad that it wasn't the blossomseason because that should be an amazing scene!

There was a large pond in the middle of the garden, with al lot of these fish. They are called "Koi", some sort of carp.

This is when we discovered that you could buy fishfood :)

We really spent a lot of our time with those fish haha!

There was one place that was really exciting: the waterfall! It wasn't really big but it was exciting for us :)
There was a small path of rocks in front of it, so you could walk right next to it.

Us in front of the waterfall :)

If you ever get the chance you should try visiting a Japanese garden, it's really an experience!


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Crys said...

Ooo, this is a great idea! There is one in my city that they just renovated and I haven't been since I was a kid. Thanks for the tip.. and the sweet comment on my blog!

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