18 Aug 2010

J. and I have ordered some books on and I'm soooo excited for them to arrive!!
I don't remember what J. bought for himself, but he ordered these for me:

I've heard so many good things about Beth Moore and especially about this book. I love to read books by Elizabeth George (e.g. A woman after God's own heart), and I think Beth Moore will be another good christian writer that may be a little similar to her!

As every woman, I have my insecurities. I've done a lot of things wrong in my life and sometimes these things can cause me to be insecure. I know I shouldn't be because Jesus got away with all of them, but that's just the way I feel.

I'm also very insecure about how I look... About what people think of me... If J. still loves me when he's making jokes all.the.time even when I ask him to be serious for a moment. He's really a joker, I sometimes think it's his mission to make everybody feel good and smile, but telling jokes is not the same as being romantic and you cannot tell jokes and act funny AND look at your girlfriend like you love her haha! Yes, even that makes me insecure by times :)

Elizabeth George's books have already done a lot of good for me, but it can always get better, so I'm going to read this book and see what it does for me!

This is another one in the same genre, I guess. It's the favourite book of J.'s mother so I am very curious. I've already read a book by Joyce Meyer (The power of a simple Prayer) but I didn't really liked it. Well, I didn't like the translation actually. I'm an English student and I'm good at Dutch, so when a translation from an English book is rather sloppy or a bit weird, I'll notice... It makes me feel irritated and it stops me from being concentrated on what is written in the book because I can only see the mistakes!
So J. decided to give me this book in its original language, isn't that nice of him? :)

Well, it can take a couple of weeks before the books arive but that doesn't matter because I have to study thousands of French words, yeeey ::: insert sarcasm here :::
I'm just hoping the weather is going to change a bit because I do not like this rain, it makes me sad!

See you soon :)


Carly said...

Hey Evelien,
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog that really made my day... and it was a day I needed something to cheer me up! The books you mentioned are some that I really want to read too! I look forward to keeping up with your blog. Also, it is great you have a boyfriend that supports your walk with God!
Best wishes,

Allegra said...

I just read So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore! I am NOT kidding when I say it changed my life. I had a serious problem with craving attention from men. I also recently read Unsqueezed by Margot Starbuck. Good stuff! Margot says our bodies were not made to be viewed by others!

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