20 Aug 2010

Arenberg Castle

Yesterday the weather finally got better so I took a long walk in my 'garden'.
I live in the middle of a big park in Leuven, and at a 5 minute walk from my door, I have...
- yes, it's mine... All mine... It's just that nobody should know about that.. Ghihi..-

Yes, that is a castle... Heheh :) A real life castle, it even has a princess room!
Too bad I don't live there (But secretly I do ofcourse)!!

This is the driveway, it goes to both sides and behind the grass and trees the two roads come together and you're back at the normal road

It's all pretty old but still in use. You can visit it and the park is just open to everybody.

And somewhere in that park is my room (The princess room, remember?). It's not as fancy as the castle ofcourse... Just a little room next to other little rooms...

But a girl can dream, right?!

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