23 Aug 2010

In Bruges

During the weekends I'm almost always spending time with J. so I don't have time to blog.
Last saturday J. had a surprise for me, because I asked him to plan something that would take my mind off of the studying. So he planned a day to Bruges!!

I had been there before, but didn't get to see much of the town. It's all very old and rustic. Here are some pictures!

Here's us in a little park where the beguines used to live. It was so nice and quiet there! Amazing, considering the high number of tourists that come to Bruges...

Then we went to have some breakfast. A while ago I bought J. a "bongobon", that's a coupon to go do something. I chose a coupon to have breakfast with champagne :) J. got to choose the restaurant and he did a great job! It was SO jummy!! I'd love to go back there! *hinthint*
Look at that happy face haha!
J. pointed out a big house and said it used to be his grandmother's when she just got married.
Then he pointed at the hotel next to it and said that the hotel is the place where she, his grandmother, was born and raised! I was baffled ofcourse, because most of the houses in Bruges are very small and these two houses are BIG! I guess they're just a special family :) There's even a street named to his greatgreatgranddad!

We walked around for a bit and got to a chocolate museum. Belgium is known for its chocolate :)

This is a replica of one of the first chocolate confectionners in Belgium.

At the end of the tour you could see a chocolate maker who made chocolates for all the visitors :)
And this was a chocolate fountain with the famous "Manneke Pis" (Dutch for "little man urinating"). Manneke Pis is a statue in Brussels, but here you can admire him while he is 'urinating' chocolate!

The next thing we did was go on a boat trip! Bruges is called "The Venice from the North", so all over the city there are these tours in a boat on the river that flows through the city.

It was really fun but we didn't like the guide... He was a bit rude and we could hardly understand what he said!

Belgians love to eat and drink and there are a lot of different kinds of beer here. This was a wall with ALL the different brand of beer from Belgium! Ofcourse J. needed to have a picture with it ;)
I have to admit it was kind of impressive to see!

At the end of the day we went to the sea. I loved that because it has something romantic, doesn't it? Just decide in a glance to drive to the sea and look at the sun going down... I'm hopelessly romantic I'm afraid :)

If you've read all of this, than wow, congratulations :)


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