25 Nov 2013

Pregnancy update - 30 weeks

Wow, ok, so I don't only feel huge, I look huge as well!

How am I feeling?
Sick! Jeff and I are still sick and we're just lying in our sofa and not doing anything all day...
But as far as pregnancy symptoms I'm feeling fine. I did start to experience some (serious) dizziness, sometimes paired with a very rapid heartbeat. Sometimes I'm not able to walk straight and I even had to sit down so I wouldn't fall. But I'm getting used to it :-) My doctor wasn't too concerned and he told me not to worry about it.

This is going pretty good. Maybe it's because of the sickness but I've slept through most of the nights lately! 

Just normal. Maybe I eat a little less because of the sickness? 

Weight gain?
10,5 kg

Yes! I still feel like our baby girl will be a calm baby because she never moves for a long period of time. When I'm around people I think she hears them and tends to move a bit more often, but it's still very hard for other people to feel her because she just stops as soon as somebody tries to feel my bump :-)
I did start to feel a hard "bump" in my bump (hehe) at times, I think it's maybe a little foot? Jeff has felt it too and got pretty excited to feel that there's really something in there ;-)

Fun moment of the week?
This past Sunday we couldn't go to church so Jeff decided we'd have some worship at home. Almost as soon as he started playing his guitar, baby girl started to kick and turn around like crazy! This continued for over 3 songs, which is the longest I've EVER felt her move! It was so funny because my whole belly just kept on moving, it wasn't difficult for Jeff to see her dancing around in there :-)
I think she loves her daddy and her daddy was sooo proud that she was moving because of him! 

Just for comparison, this is a picture from our early pregnancy shoot with my friend Jo - which was around 20 weeks!


Anonymous said...

Leuk om hier af en toe te lezen.
Vooral leuk om te zien dat je Bloem omhoog staat. :-) Ciao, Kanselman

Daisy said...

Oh wow look at you you, you're looking great!
I do love reading these updates! Isn't it magical to feel your baby move around, sounds like she enjoys a bit of guitar music then :)

Mrs. Miller said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Joke said...

Het verschil is echt duidelijk te zien. Tof!

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

You look great! :)

Megan said...

I think you look amazing!!!! You're almost there!! AHHH!!

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