4 Apr 2013

Spring Update

Dear friends that have been spamming me to get me back to blogging... You are amazing and made me feel like my life is important enough to read about it haha :)

The past months my life has been pretty boring. My internship was hard and made me want to quit college. I haven't, obviously! But it made me really have second thoughts about what I want to do in my life. I DO NOT want to be one of those working ladies that just run around like crazy and work from 7am to 10pm! I've learned to respect them (my internship coach was amazing!) but it's just not for me.

Janneman has been digging the Spring weather!
But hey, college is kinda trying to prepare me for a life like this! Hence the wanting to quit school. Which, again, I didn't. I (barely!) survived the internship and now I only have to finish my thesis. Well maybe it's more accurate to say that I only have to start and finish it - in less than 2 months! Eek... It is my own fault and I know it, I should've started sooner!

Anywho... To get myself more motivated to just finish this degree I've decided to start a REAL wedding planning course! In less than a year I'll be "Executive Master in Wedding Management" (cool huh??). It'll start May 2nd and I've been thinking about maybe starting a (Dutch) Wedding Blog for brides looking for inspiration. It really doesn't exist in Belgium, how weird is that?!

I think it's nice to specialize a bit more in this area. As you may or may not remember I'm also taking evening courses in Event Management Hopefully in June I'll have finished that course.

Whether I end up doing something in the wedding business or not, I'll be glad to have a Master Degree in Communication - that's why I didn't quit college. Just two more courses, I can do it! Right?

(BTW: Lisa we should've taken some pictures when you were visiting us! I need a pic of us before you go back to the US!!)


Tulips said...

Ik wou dat ik een wedding planner was. :)

Sofie Lambrecht said...

Lijkt me ook ontzettend leuk en uitdagend om te doen! Heb daar enkele jaren terug ook over nagedacht. Veel succes ermee.

Evelien said...

Was een actie van Groupon! 90 euro ipv 800... Ik denk dat het een nieuwe organisatie is die zichzelf zo wil promoten. Fine by me ;)

Sofie Lambrecht said...

Ah was dat die thuiscursus?

Evelien said...

Ik wilde sowieso thuis studeren omdat ik ook nog naar de les moet overdag en naar de avondschool. Het duurt ook 30 weken en ik heb geen idee of ik in die 30 weken misschien een job vind waardoor ik lessen zou moeten missen ofzo.
Exciting :)

Amy said...

Congrats on being so close to done with your degree!! Wedding Planning would be such a wonderful and fun job! I am sure you would help soo many couples make incredible memories!

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