1 May 2012


Sometimes: I just want to give up, stop studying and just hide under my couch.
Always: My amazing husband tells me to just finish up this one little task before bed time, so I feel so much better when I get up and remind myself that it's finished :)

Sometimes: I like to just have a nice day off
Always: I like it even better when my husband is home too and we go for an ice cream because the sun is shining!

Sometimes: My nieces try to kill me
Always: it's because they're fighting for who gets the most attention and who gets to sit next to me or Jeff :) Gotta love them!!

 Pics are from this weekend, we went to Jeff's sister to have some family time!
I LOVE sitting in their garden and just enjoying the sun!
Can't wait to have our own garden...
Mmm :)


Mrs. Miller said...

Great list and good for your hubby to keep you going when you're mentally done with studying.

Jen said...

Your family is so adorable!! BTW you should totally turn off word verification.

Holly said...

Your nieces are so cute! :D I laughed at them "trying to kill you". :P

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