14 May 2012


 I've recently noticed I gained a lot of weight in the 10 months Jeff and I've been married. I've been trying to eat less and healthier, trying to fit in some more work outs but I need a little boost.

That's why I decided I'll go back on a great diet. I've done this before but I did it with real help and it cost me A LOT (well, it cost my parents a lot...)
We want to save some money for our house so I was really happy I've found a cheap alternative :)
It works just the same and I'm looking forward to shedding some pounds!


It's very simple: in stead of regular food you use one meal from this pack. It's pure proteins in the form of omelets, chocomousse, soup, etc. You eat veggies, make sure you drink enough water and just watch the weight fall off ;)

Last time I did this program I lost about 2 kg every week! That's about 4,5 pounds! Let's hope this version works as good as the expensive one...
And the best part?
My hubby is going to support me by joining me! Woohoow :)

I'll keep you updated on how it's going!


Dove of Snow said...

You go, girl! Wishing you the best in your endeavor (although honestly, you look just right to me!)!! - Rachel

sofieV said...

I'm not courageous enough to try something like that. :) Good luck, although I don't think you need it.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Protein shakes are great!

Mrs. Miller said...

Sorry, just caught up on your last post. I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only new bride that promptly gained SO MUCH weight! I looked great for the wedding... and then over the next 9 months, gained 20 lbs. We might as well have been expecting a baby because I gained enough that we could have been. I'm determined not to be 20 lbs up on our year anniversary... so far, I've been diligent about my workouts since March (not always diligent with my diet, but at least with my workouts) and I've lost 8 lbs... I'm getting there. We can do this together!

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